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Beautiful in His Sight

How beautiful you are and how pleasing.  
Song of Solomon 7:8

At the end of her life, my mother lived in a wonderful Alzheimer’s facility. One day when I visited her, a bright-eyed resident introduced himself to me as “Andrew Hobbs”. After learning my name, he said, “You are a very pretty girl.”

A minute later Mr. Hobbs asked my name again and said, “You are a real beauty.” Two more times he asked my name and complimented me.

By then I knew I needed to interrupt his cycle of admiration. Excusing myself, I left my mother and Mr. Hobbs in the company of a nurse.

When I returned, my admirer had gone to another area to talk with a visiting relative. 
The nurse, who’d watched the entire incident, said, “As soon as you left, he went right over to your mother and told her, ‘You are the prettiest girl in Tyler!’”

I realized then that in Mr. Hobbs’ eyes, every woman was lovely.

That reminds me of the way Christ sees us, His bride. Each of us is beautiful to Him.

Some days the mirror is not my friend. Puffy eyes look back at me. No matter how hard I struggle with the curling iron, I see bad hair.

Even the outfit that looked good when I put it together the night before seems dowdy. Because of what I see, I don’t feel pretty. That’s when I’m blessed by remembering how Jesus sees me.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When we love someone, no matter how plain their features may seem to others, they are attractive to us

If that’s true of flawed, human love, consider the transforming power of divine love. When Jesus Christ beholds us, He sees His Beloved.   

In the sight of our Redeemer, we are beautiful.

Father, thank You for unconditional love and acceptance of each of Your people.


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