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The Weed of Loneliness

And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  
Matthew 28:20

Even in our large, crowded world, there are many lonely people. They are people who lack meaningful and close relationships with others. They feel empty, sad, and without purpose.  Mobility and constant change in our society tend to make some individuals feel rootless and disconnected. Loneliness can be a “weed” in our lives.

 Loneliness can be self-inflicted. Some find it difficult to communicate with others. They may suffer from a poor self-image. Others demand privacy. This inhibits the development of meaningful relationships with others.

I believe that the worst kind of loneliness comes from being alienated from God. A life steeped in sin is a lonely life. We must have full fellowship with God before we can have full fellowship with people. Being separated from God causes us to feel that life has little meaning.

How can we remove this weed of loneliness from our lives? First, we must be walking with God. If we are not, we must restore our fellowship with Him. We can find forgiveness through Christ. We must realize how much Jesus loves us. He knows us better than anyone else. He knows our past, and He knows our future.

We can overcome loneliness by having a consistent prayer life.  When we are talking with God we have a powerful and loving Friend. When we spend time in God’s Word, we can overcome loneliness.  We are never alone when we are in the Word. God is with us, and He speaks directly to us from the pages of our Bible.

Getting a meaningful place of service in a Bible-teaching church can help us overcome loneliness.  Focusing on the needs of others will put our problems into perspective and make them seem a little less important.  Serving and fellowshipping with other Christians tends to increase our self-esteem as we become a part of the group.

We must remember that when we have Jesus Christ in our lives we will never be lonely. He will never leave us.

Georgia Andrus

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