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Count on it! (Day 4)

The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction.
Galatians 6:8

The article appeared in a spinach-for-the-brain periodical that comes to our home a couple of times a year. Normally, I start a lot more of those articles than I finish, but this particular topic kept my interest from beginning to end. You see, it addressed a societal sea-change that I—and maybe some of you—have witnessed first-hand: the sexual revolution. The facts and trends reported presented profound evidence for the truth of this week’s subject.

 The author’s topic was the effects that the birth control pill has had on our society; more specifically, the result that disconnecting sexual behavior from its reproductive repercussions has had over the last fifty years. What initially seemed to be beneficial thing, the next step in the “evolution: of women, became a personal invitation to Western culture to discard traditional Judeo-Christian morality and enjoy sexual freedom with no fear of the consequences. The right of women to have what seemed best to them at the moment became the determining factor for every decision, even the prevailing philosophy of one’s life.

“And the problem with that is…?”

Here, according to the author and other sociologists who have studied the last half-century of Western civilization, are some of the effects of the sexual revolution on our culture: 

     Multiple partners, in and out of marriage     Increase in divorce

     Co-habitation without commitment               Fatherless children       

     Callousness toward children                        Financial toll of divorce                

     Devaluing of marriage and parenthood

     “Side-lining” men in their domestic role/responsibility

     Extended adolescence in both men and women

     Increasing unhappiness in women as a group (on the rise for 35 years)

     Effect of a declining birthrate on a country’s future financial stability. This 

     Is already being felt in Europe.

Many point to natural disaster within and enemies without as signs of God’s judgment. Maybe so. But these sociologists—and Scripture—confirm that God’s judgment may well be hard-wired into the DNA of our choices.

Nancy Shirah

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