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W.A.T.E.R. - Accept


 Willingly Accept Truly Eternal Rivers - Accept

Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.
John 7:37

Would you like to know one of my deep, dark secrets? Keep reading and I’ll share it with you.

First, let’s look at some words in John 7:37. “Thirsty” has several definitions that portray vivid pictures:  cottonmouthed, craving, crazy for, dehydrated, dry as dust, dying for, eager, longing, parched, sapless.  Sapless really sticks out in my mind since this is what is killing thousands of pine trees in my native state of Colorado.  Sadly, pine bark beetles are sucking all the sap, the pine trees’ lifeblood, out of them and leaving thousands of dead trees.
Do you ever feel sapless and lifeless?  I do.
Figuratively, “drink” here means to receive spiritually that which refreshes, strengthens, and nourishes the soul. To “drink” is to derive spiritual life from Christ. Wow! Physically, when we’re parched or dry as dust, we seek quenching as quickly as possible. 
Why aren’t we so quick to seek and drink (accept) the water Jesus offers us?  
In the plainest of terms, the word “accept” means to receive. In spiritual terms there is added significance added, as in: to favorably receive or welcome an act or individual.  Since God is all about relationship, these meanings are critical. I like the idea of “welcoming” Jesus into my life so that I will never have to thirst again.
What kinds of things prevent us from accepting living waters from entering our hearts?
The opposite of accepting is rejecting. My secret is that I’m afraid of people, so I reject them. As a child I vowed to steel my heart and not let anyone hurt me, including God, so I rejected His love. Living apart from the nourishing Vine was lifeless. It took lots of gentle pruning and courage to risk coming to Jesus and drink deeply to stay connected with Him. But, oh the reviving that takes place when I do!
Turning our backs on Jesus and going our own ways.  How can we come to Him to “drink” when we’re headed a different direction?
Unforgiveness hardens the heart and closes us off destroying the desire to come to Jesus for restoration and refreshment.
Lord, may I not allow anything to keep me from coming to You to receive Your living water into my heart.
Karen Sims

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