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Where Am I, and What Have You Done With My Summer?

As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher then your ways and my thoughts then your thoughts.  
Isaiah 55:9
It’s July in Texas. Really? We’ve had rain and cloud-cover regularly over the last several weeks. Don’t get me wrong, - it’s still hot, I mean, we do live in Texas! But the weather in June and so far, July, has been mild compared to most summers. What a difference from last summer! Last summer we got almost no rain – in a drought by anyone’s standards. At this point last year we had endured over a month of triple digit temperatures. This year, we’ve only had that kind of heat 7 days.

The “experts” said that the drought would last longer than just one year, possibly several years. I’m not an expert, and I haven’t researched the numbers to know if we are technically still in a drought or not. But I do know the state of my yard, and I know how it feels outside. The drought in my yard seems to be over.
This reminds me that though we study and research, we still cannot possibly know more about this world than the Creator knows about His creation.
Do you ever find yourself thinking you have something figured out, just to be reminded that you don’t really know what you thought you did? I do. We get arrogant and take things into our own hands, forgetting to trust in the Lord. I fall into worrying about what is next or not seeking His face for direction. Both of these communicate to my Father that I don’t really need Him. Sometimes I need a reminder that He’s in control.
Honestly, I kind of like getting this reminder. I find it comforting that the Lord knows better than I do, and His ways are far better than what my mind can come up with. I don’t mind getting it wrong sometimes, so that I’ll remember that the only One who can get it right is Jesus.
We’re only about half way through this summer, and the mild weather may run out tomorrow. We may be headed for scorching heat and no rain. I don’t know. But I do know the One who knows, and I trust His ways. I trust Him in the clouds and rain, and I trust Him in the triple digits, too.

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