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Let's Go To The Circus: The High Wire Walker

Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.
Colossians 3:17

Jerry and I watched with bated breath as three of “The Flying Wallendas” performed their triple pyramid act on the high wire at Silver Dollar City. Two brothers balanced on bicycles and shouldered another wire on their shoulders. Their mother balanced on a chair perched atop this wire. No net waited for them if they fell. How daring…how brave!
Wait! We had seen a more daring fete a few weeks before. In June Nic Wallenda performed a death defying walk across Niagara Falls. He had a microphone attached to his clothing. We could hear every word he said. So could the sixteen to seventeen million TV watchers.  In spite of the blowing wind, cold mist, and swaying cable, Nic prayed all the way across the falls.

We were impressed and thankful for his testimony as he carefully advanced across the length of four football fields above the roaring falls. He prayed continually. We heard him say over and over, “Thank You, Jesus, thank You Jesus.” When asked about this prayer on Good Morning America, Nik replied, “The Bible says to pray without ceasing and I’m always praying.”

Now I’m not suggesting that we all take to the high wire to give our testimony. I would certainly not volunteer to be first. I am astounded that someone walking across Niagara Falls would have the presence of mind to pray and praise the Lord during his perilous journey.

I thought about all the times I should have mentioned the Lord’s name.  I need to be more vocal about my faith. I need boldness when I am with an acquaintance who doesn’t know Christ as Savior. What a coward I am! I am thinking of one unhappy individual. She is so miserable and without a faith in Christ. How can I keep silent? Lord, help me be like Nic Wallenda. Give me the boldness he portrayed as he prayed over the cascading falls.

Each of us has a challenge in our life that tests our strength and our testimony. We should be quick to turn to the Lord in prayer during our challenging moments just as this acrobat did.

Your tight rope may be a broken relationship. “Lord, give us bravery like Nic to make the first move to mend fences.” You may be walking the tight rope of a failed marriage. Pray like Nic. Ask God to help you balance the hurtful, scary path you are forced to travel.
These are shaky financial times. Jobs are lost, homes are foreclosed, and budgets are impossible to balance. Try picturing yourself as Nic walking across the falls. Call the name of Jesus and praise Him.

Dear Father, Thank you for Nic Wallenda’s testimony. Help us remember that we each have a testimony of our own. Give us the bravery of this young man as we witness for Your Son.

Janice Yandell

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