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Can You Hear Me?

He who has ears, let him hear.  
Matthew 11:15


“I hate this cell phone!” I said dropping it beside me on the front seat of my car.

Across from me in the passenger seat, my ten-year-old grandson’s eyes widened.

 “Why do you hate your phone?” he asked in a you are truly strange tone.

I snorted, “I was in the middle of telling Pawpaw where we’d meet him this afternoon when all of a sudden he couldn’t hear me. He finally had to hang up before we could finish making plans.”

This frustration with my phone was nothing new. All too often the person on the other end of a conversation would say, “I can’t hear you,” or “You’re breaking up.”

Then, like the television commercial, I’d race around the house to different locations, shouting, “Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?”

I suspect God feels the same frustration with me. Sometimes when He speaks, I don’t hear Him.

Of course the reason for the break down in communication is different than when my cell phone fails. The problem is not the result of technical difficulty. It’s due to human error, and the error is mine.

You see, I can’t hear God if I’m not listening.

I can’t hear Him if:

·    I neglect to find a quiet place to focus on Him in the morning.

·    I immerse myself in busyness instead of His Word during the day.

·    I allow distracting thoughts to drown out His voice before I go to sleep.

God’s Word is loud and clear. The trouble is I sometimes put Him “on hold.”

Father, forgive me for the times I haven’t heard You. I know You have much to say that I need to hear. Help me to listen.


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