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Unveiled Hearts: Braveheart or Runaway Bride

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.
Psalm 27:14 NIV
The front door at the teen girls’ emergency shelter where I volunteer was left ajar unintentionally. A couple of women are talking outside on the sidewalk. That door, usually double-dead bolted, latched and alarmed—open. 
None of the girls want to be at the state-controlled shelter, but all are abruptly removed from abusive situations with nothing but the clothes they wear. 
I sat in the living room waiting to begin an activity with the current group of girls. Movement caught my eye. I glimpsed one of the girls silently, swiftly darting out the door. Panic. Alert the workers and other volunteers.
“Runner! It’s Angelica!”
 “Which way?” Frantic searching.
A twig snapped. All eyes shifted to the narrow passage between the girls’ home and the neighboring house. Angelica bolted for the backyard fence. Adrenaline surging, a pair of women chased her down as she clung desperately to the fence ready to dive over to freedom.
“Stop, Angelica, stop!” one woman cried. “Don’t! We can’t help you if you run away.” 
Soothing pleas urged her down. A life secured—this time.
I don’t look at these abused girls with condemnation. I, too, am a runaway.   I’ve run from classes, jobs, and relationships when I lost heart. The only difference is I make my decisions and actions appear reasonable to others after I’ve completed my rationalizing and deceptive self-talk.
 I’m not alone. Even when I feel like I am.
Jonah ran the opposite direction when God asked him to proclaim a message of repentance to the wicked city of Nineveh.
To be a modern-day Braveheart, doesn’t necessarily mean doing the outward things we often consider courageous. Being brave most often means being willing to admit mistakes and weaknesses to our accepting heavenly Father. Honesty. Subdue fearful pride and cry out loud to Jesus, “I can’t, but You can.” Rest.
Father, I want to learn to choose to wait on You instead of running away from uncomfortable feelings. 
Karen Sims

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