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You shall have no other gods before me.
Exodus 20:3

Rev. Billy Graham and his family are an inspiration to me.  One of the reasons I admire them so much is their commitment to God. 

At the funeral service of Mrs. Graham a few years ago, Franklin Graham commented that his mother was the most joyful person he had ever known. She was full of life, wit, and wisdom. Most of all, she had a deep delight and reverence for the Savior. How could Mrs. Graham have this joy and contentment? She was totally committed to God and to His service. 

Commitment—it is almost frightening, isn’t it? Many people today are afraid to obligate themselves to God or to an organization or to a cause. We just don’t want to be “tied down.” We want to be able to choose what we like to do with our time. Busyness keeps us from giving God His time. 

Our Scripture today is the first of the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses. This tells us that God wants our undivided attention. He wants to have first place in our lives. Nothing is to rival the one true God in our hearts.  

Why not take a few minutes today and reflect on your life. Where do you spend most of your time and money? Are you at peace with God? Are you serving God? Total commitment to God can only come through complete trust in Jesus Christ.

Commitment means that we have to give up some things in order to spend more time on what we are committing to. Rev. Graham would have liked to have been home more while his children were growing up. Yet, he fulfilled his commitment to God. God blessed him. Mrs. Graham wasn’t always happy being home with a family and a husband gone for a period of time. Yet, she fulfilled her commitment to God. 

God showers blessings upon us when we commit our lives to Him. Let’s not let the hustle and bustle of this Christmas season take priority in our hearts.  

Georgia Andrus

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