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Lesson From A Friend: Nothing Is Too Hard For God

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.  Isaiah 55:8


My Bible study group had been discussing the fact that nothing is too hard for God.
Across the table from me, Sue spoke up.  

“I haven’t told many people this story,” she said, “ but I want to share it in here. I’m a nurse on the OB-GYN floor of the hospital. One of our new mothers had been diagnosed with breast cancer during her pregnancy. To protect the baby, she had refused any treatment. The day the baby was born, the doctor immediately ordered tests to see how far the cancer had spread.  

“At the end of my shift that day I felt like God wanted me to pray with her. I went by her room, and she readily agreed. I prayed aloud, specifically asking God to heal her. 
“The next day the test results started coming back. They were all negative. The malignant cells hadn’t spread, and she no longer had breast cancer.”  

Sue concluded, “The doctors were dumbfounded. They couldn’t explain what had happened. However, that young mom and I believed we understood it. God had healed her.”  

Intellectually, we know God has incomprehensible power, but emotionally we tend to limit Him to work in the usual, familiar ways. When He uses doctors, medicines, and technology to heal, we are grateful but not amazed.

Sometimes, as in this case, He stuns us with a miracle that is beyond our expectations. That’s when we remember who He is.

His ways are not our ways. Nothing is too hard for God.

Heavenly Father, Your ways astonish and humble me.


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