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Grace Beyond Measure: God Is Enough

My soul, wait in silence for God only, For my hope is from Him.
Psalm 62:5 

During the 19th century, personal tragedy led Puritan Hannah Whitall Smith to write several books on suffering. Her out-of-print devotion book, God Is Enough, spoke to my heart a decade ago while crippled by insecurities. It continues to be one of my most treasured books.

Does the statement, “there is God” sound like a disappointing and unsatisfactory answer to all our serious and perplexing difficulties? It did to Hannah when a friend attempted to encourage her, and it has been to me at times. After considerable wondering and wrestling Hannah came eventually to believe that God, as her Creator and Redeemer, must be enough. She wrote, “all the while there was God, the almighty and all-seeing God, the God who had created me and who was therefore on my side, eager to care for me. I had found out that God was enough, and my soul was at rest.”

Do we believe God is enough? An honest look at our thoughts, attitudes, actions, and words may reveal otherwise.

His presence and super-abounding grace is everything, due to His nature that surpasses our understanding. God’s presence as the fourth person in the flaming furnace was enough for Daniel and his two friends (Daniel 3:25). He didn’t deliver them from the furnace, but He went through the fiery ordeal with them and kept them from harm.

God is enough—when our strength fails, our resources are exhausted, others cannot or will not aid us, our own efforts seem to be in vain, and our plans are frustrated.

Many times I want more—no, I demand more. I’m easily frustrated and irritated when things don’t go my way and people don’t fulfill my expectations. My demanding spirit prevents me from experiencing God as enough.


Lord, You alone satisfy. You accomplish all that concerns me and my loved ones. I don’t always believe that You are enough. Help my unbelief.

Karen Sims

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