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Where's Your Bible Been?

I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you for the generations to come, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you.  Genesis 17:17

As I was hunting a verse the other day I realized that my favorite study Bible has been with me a long time. I got it in high school, so it even has my maiden name engraved on the front. The cover is so worn that I have placed a leather protector over it. I wish I could say that all of that “wear” was from studying. Once I left it on the roof of my car as I drove home from church. I didn’t realize it until I heard something and looked in the review mirror to see it fly behind me. Luckily its road trip down Troup Highway didn’t do much damage.

I also noticed a few marks on several different pages. Both of my children had made their own marks in my Bible. My daughter did some underlining in Psalm 119, and my son put a significant scribble on Psalm 146. I had left my Bible open after studying. I left it open on several different occasions during which my children - years apart – made their marks. These marks remind me that I want my God to be the God of my descendants. I want my children to grow up knowing Him and loving Him. I try to bring God into our conversations so that God is a daily part of their lives.

We also make our marks on the next generation by our example of seeking Him.
My beloved grandmother passed away last year. I had the privilege to grow up close to her, both in location and relationship. I continued to see her regularly until the day she died. She made her mark in my life over and over. One thing that stood out to me, that she probably never realized, was her dependence on the Word. Many, many times over the years, when I have dropped by, I noticed her Bible - open. She may have been reading when I arrived, or she may have left it after reading earlier. Regardless, the fact that she spent time daily in the Word meant a lot to me – it left its mark. I have the blessing of a Christian heritage, and I want it to continue. What mark are you making on the next generation?

Julie Smith 

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