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God Is All I Have Left

The Lord is good and his love endures forever. 
Psalm 100:5

The woman’s name was Berta. She had narrowly survived the hurricane. Some of her neighbors were not so fortunate. When the flood swept their street and rose above the rooftops, they had drowned.

After her rescue Berta rode a crowded school bus with other evacuees for hundreds of miles. The ride was hot, uncomfortable, and seemed endless. 

She had lots of time to think. She thought of everything she’d lost. She thought about her uncertain future.

When the bus finally stopped, she was tired and confused. They told her she was in Tyler, Texas. She’d never heard of it.  

While she waited to be processed into the Red Cross evacuation center, a stranger with a kind face brought her a plate of food. “Can I do anything for you?” the stranger asked. “Do you need something?” Berta was quiet for a moment, and then she spoke. 

“The last time I saw my house,” she said, “it was under twenty feet of water. I got out with the clothes on my back, a few things I threw into a pillowcase, and my Bible. While I was on the bus, I realized I’d lost everything. All I have left is God.

“But I realized, that’s okay.” As she continued, her face lit up. “God is all I need.”

All of us deal with losing something or someone. Our losses are painful.

However, as scripture reminds us, no matter what we believers lose, God’s love endures forever. At the end of the day, He is all we really need.

Thank you, Father, for your goodness and love to us.


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