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NIV is used unless otherwise noted.

V is for…Vim, Vigor, and Vitality

Your people will freely join you, resplendent in holy armor on the great day of your conquest, Join you at the fresh break of day, join you with all the vigor of youth.
Psalm 110:3 (MSG)

As women of Valor in this life, we will certainly need our fair share of energy to maintain a sense of the heroic as we go about our tasks day by day. Let’s consider Vim, Vigor and Vitality in one breath and celebrate their strengths in our lives today.

But what is even greater cause for celebration is the promise of the future, the vim, vigor and vitality we will experience at the end of time. On the great day of Jesus’ final conquest we will freely, spontaneously, willingly join Him, beautiful in our holiness. As Peterson intimates in The Message translation, we will be up before dawn, refreshed with the vigor of our youth, eager to spend this day, and all days with our God.

Not so bad ladies, to think of being young again on that great day, filled with all our youthful vitality? Rejoice then that for now your days are fleeting. Enjoy this V: V is for Vapour. As James kindly reminds us: What is your life? You are a mist (a vapour, KJ) that appears for a little while and then vanishes (James 4:14).   

In the meantime, V is for Vacation. A little bit of trivia for you: the word “vacation” did not exist until 1900 when the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers “declared they would vacate their city homes for their lakeside summer retreats” (Smithsonian, April 2013). Up until then the British “holiday” was the term commonly used, holiday coming from Holy Day. To make a literary leap, it is high time we take a vacation from the ways of the world and stick with the holy ways of God. As He said, “If you treat the Sabbath as a day of joy, God’s holy day as a celebration…then you’ll be free to enjoy GOD!” (Isaiah 58:13 MSG).     

Well, it’s been a week of Vs. Amazing to me is how they’ve intermingled and supported each other. Yes, our Victory in Jesus raises us up to get God’s Viewpoint. As He forges our Virtue into steel, we become women of Valor, filled with the Vim, Vigor and Vitality of the Spirit in us now and of our youth in the end times. Plus throw in all the rest of the Vs. Very good!

Your Victory, Jesus, is sweet, all encompassing, vital, life-giving, mine forever.

Nancy P

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