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I Am Valuable

Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.
Matthew 10:31 (ESV)

Following Drew’s confession that he didn’t love her, Dana’s feelings continued to reel. She felt lost at sea one moment and anchored by faith the next. Soon thereafter, Drew received his new job assignment that required moving fifteen hundred miles away.

Dana hesitantly ventured to ask, “Do you want the kids and me to come with you?” Much to her surprise, Drew immediately responded, “Yes.” They packed and left a few days later.

After settling into their new duplex, Dana drove to the grocery store with a lengthy shopping list. Sometime later she pushed her mounded cart into the check-out line.

When her purchases were totaled and bagged, Dana handed the cashier a check, which was quickly refused. 

“Your name isn’t on the check. I can’t accept it.”

“What? That can’t be!” Dana struggled to reply.  An all too familiar panic clenched her heart. 

“I’m sorry,” offered the cashier.

Dana exited the store, empty-handed, caught in a devilish whirlwind of outrage, embarrassment, disbelief, and powerlessness.

How could Drew treat me this way? Why did he exclude me from our bank account? Doesn’t he care about me at all? Dejected, Dana felt like a shabby garment, waiting to be discarded.

She felt worthless and insignificant—but would she sink into despair and allow herself to be defined by her husband’s actions? Once again, Dana was tempted to believe a lie about herself.


What does God say about our worth? The word “value” in Matthew 10:31 means to surpass, to be more excellent. That’s exactly what God declares us to be. We are the pinnacle of all God’s creation. No person is able to add or subtract from our God-given value no matter how we’ve been treated or how we feel.

The incomparable value granted us through Jesus is ours to keep and guard.

Pray aloud with me:

Heavenly Father, I thank You that in Your eyes I am not ordinary or worthless. You value me as a rare and precious gem. I choose to accept what You say. Empower me to reject the lies that I’m tempted to believe.

Karen Sims

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