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‘Tis the Season to Give Thanks: For God’s Beautiful World

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. 
Psalm 19:1

Have you seen the leaves this fall? They are absolutely breathtaking in their color. It has been several years since I have seen them turn so magnificently brilliant. I suppose it could be because it has rained more than in some years. Whatever the reason, God is putting on quite a show this year.

Yesterday the weather was sunny and balmy and just shouted to everyone, Get out here and enjoy this show!  It is God’s special gift to you this year.”  My husband answered that call by going to the golf course and playing golf with friends. I just sat and looked out at my yard and our neighborhood, enjoying the view. The panorama was breathtaking.

Later this week I plan to get a friend and drive out to the lake, taking the winding, twisty, narrow roads to really savor the views. Of course my trusty little camera will also come along so I can record something of this beauty to savor when winter finally arrives.

I also stopped for a moment to thank God for his handiwork. By him and through him all things came into being. The laws of nature were set in place by him and the seasons are ordered by him.

Since Thanksgiving is coming soon, my mind and heart have been turning to God even more than usual in gratitude and thanksgiving. My prayers are not long at all. Just a few words with a smile in God’s direction. Have you thanked him recently?

Help us remember, gracious Father, who set our world in place and sustains it.

Pat Eppler 

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