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Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Matthew 19:26

He was a man that everyone knew, but no one wanted to be around, for he was dangerous. He had caused much trouble in the city, but his strength was so great that no one could subdue him. The townsmen had tried countless times. They had taken chains and bound his hands. They had placed his feet in irons. Every time the man broke the chains and tore the irons from his feet. His strength was well beyond that of a normal man.

Eventually, the man drifted to the outskirts of town. He lived in the hills and the cemetery. Throughout the day and night the people of the town could hear his eerie screams. Occasionally, people would catch a glimpse of him and cringe at what they saw. He roamed unclothed and bleeding from cuts he had inflicted upon himself.

Then one day, the people of the town heard the news, “Jesus has come!” Not only had he come to their area, He had gone to the very place where this uncontrollable man roamed. The people hurried to see what would take place.

They stopped in amazement at what they saw. The man was fully dressed, sitting with Jesus and talking with him—no chains, no screams, no violence. The man’s encounter with Jesus had transformed his life.

The people of the city had given up on this man, but not Jesus. Some say Jesus came to the area just to help this man. Someone, who was labeled hopeless in the eyes of man, was given new life and purpose in Jesus. The man became a missionary. He traveled across the region telling all what Jesus had done for him.

This true story is found in the Bible in Mark 5, but it is a story that has been repeated through the centuries. Many a person, who has been labeled as hopeless in the eyes of man, has been delivered and transformed through a relationship with Jesus. Have you given up on someone? How about introducing them to Jesus?

Thank You, Jesus, that no one is beyond Your transforming power!

Jan Burkhart

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