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Salty Words

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.
Colossians 4:6

Today salt is an abundant mineral that is commonly used by people worldwide. So, does this verse encourage believers to fill their conversations with topics that are common to all?

During Biblical times salt was far from common. It was necessary for food preservation, but was not easy to obtain. Therefore, salt was highly valued, so much so, that it was used for trade and even currency. Roman soldiers were paid an allowance for the purchase of salt. When a soldier did his job well, he was said to be ‘worth his salt,’ a phrase that is still used to describe someone who is valued, respected or deserving of wages earned.

Therefore, conversations that are seasoned with salt are those deemed valuable from God’s perspective. The uses of salt can give us insight into how to use our conversations for good.

Salt is a mineral used to bring out the best flavor in food. How many of your conversations are purposed to bring out the best in others? How are you using your words to encourage others toward holiness?

Salt is used for preservation. We believers know the means of spiritual preservation. Those who believe in Jesus will escape destruction and will receive eternal life. Who needs to hear the words of life from you or me today? Many hearts are cold, hardened toward Jesus, but salt is used to melt ice. God can use your conversations with unbelievers to warm their hearts toward Him and bring about belief.

Salt is also used to aid in healing. Even as a surgeon’s knife removes what is diseased and brings healing, so the sword of God’s Word spoken through you can strengthen others to remove that which is detrimental. The Word of God spoken through you can bring encouragement to the discouraged, direction to the confused, and hope to those in despair.

Salt can accomplish great good. So, believer, let’s determine to make our conversations more salty.

Lord, refine my conversations so that they are less common and more valuable in Your sight.

Jan Burkhart

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