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“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”
Matthew 11:29

Gentleness! Isn’t that a sweet, comforting word? The Greek word translated gentle can also be translated meek. Gentleness or meekness is not a weak quality at all. Gentleness is a restrained and disciplined strength that leads to great blessing.

My pastor, Dr. David Dykes, says this about meekness (gentleness): “Meekness is not weakness; it is strength under control.” In our Scripture for today, Jesus describes Himself as gentle and humble in heart.

Gentleness and meekness are words that are totally misused and misunderstood today. We think these words describe one who is passive, submissive, weak, and like a doormat ready to be stepped on.

My husband and I enjoy a TV show on Netflix, “Heartland,” that is filmed in Canada. The leading actress is Amy. Amy trains horses. She can take the wildest horses and tame them to do just exactly as she wants. She actually does this in real life also.

The Greek word for meekness is the regular word for an animal which has been domesticated. So gentleness is like a horse that has been broken to ride. The stubborn will of these horses has to be broken. In the same way, our stubborn will has to be broken by God. A well-trained horse wants to follow his master’s directions. We must be broken to follow our Master’s directions.

How do we become meek or gentle? We must allow the Spirit of God to break us from our self-centeredness and arrogance. Only the Holy Spirit can produce gentleness in the heart of a Christian.


Georgia Andrus

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