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Conversations with God

your kingdom come, your will be done
Matthew 6:10

I talk to God about everything. I go to Him with the big stuff like a family in crisis or a friend battling cancer. I also go to Him with trivial matters like having a bad hair day. (That one comes up a lot.)
I have noticed a curious thing happening during my conversations with God. As my spirit communes with him, my thoughts and prayers evolve to be more in line with his will.

For instance, one day I drove into the lot of a grocery store and saw acres of cars between me and the front door. As usual, I asked God to favor me with convenient parking.

This time, however, he seemed to reply, You know, someone else might need that spot more than you. They may be weak or tired or ill.

I thought about that and agreed. Please give that convenient parking place to the one who needs it most, I prayed .

As it turned out, I had to park and walk a distance, but I didn’t mind.

Since then when I pray for a premium parking space I add, unless someone else needs it more than I do.

Jesus gave us guidelines for prayer in the Gospels. He told us to pray thy kingdom come, thy will be done (Matthew 6:10 KJV). We are to ask for God’s will to be accomplished.

One of the delightful surprises in the Christian life is that God changes our desires. With the help of the Spirit, we stop wanting our will to be done and start wanting God’s will.

Our prayers reflect that change.

Father, thank you for moving my desires into line with your will.


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