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In the beginning God
Genesis 1:1

As I sit enjoying the beauty of God’s creation in the renewing life of Spring, I am always amazed at His love for us. God could have placed humans on a boring glass sphere, but, instead, He placed us in a panorama of ever-changing beauty.

In the beginning God loved me. In the beginning I was on His mind as He created everything. In the beginning all the diversity He created in plants, animals, oceans, mountains, weather, sunrises, sunsets, seasons, and people He created for your and my enjoyment.

Whether you are in the Southern Hemisphere watching autumn leaves turn and fall into a colorful carpet underfoot or in the Northern Hemisphere with buds, blossoming flowers, and singing birds awaking your senses. REJOICE.

There is visible, hearable evidence God loves you. Go out, breathe deeply, look around, and listen. Raise your voice in praise to a loving God who created it just for you and me. Everything else in your life now may be in turmoil, but you are not unloved by your creative Heavenly Father.

Thank You, Lord, that You did not place us on a glass sphere to twiddle our thumbs in boredom for our lifetime.

Claudia Jackson

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