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Patchwork Love

 “She makes coverings for her bed … “
    Proverbs 31:22

Granny made patchwork quilts for all her kids and grandkids. For years, I slept under the quilt she made for my bed. She even made my dolls a quilt. I have it framed and hung on the wall.

She used scraps of fabric to piece the quilts together. No elaborate design. No expensive cloth.

Yet the outcome of her piecing the quilts together became treasures.

These quilts took time. She worked on them slowly as she got extra fabric.  She didn’t do much sewing, so she must have bought small scraps of fabric or got them from friends or family who did.

As I think about this, isn’t that what Jesus does with us?  

He uses the scraps of our lives to make a masterpiece. We’re all sinful. We all have pain, worry, doubt, misunderstandings and failed outcomes.

However, when we bring those to Jesus, He weaves them into our lives for good. That’s the message of Romans 8:28 and Genesis 50:20.

You can see it in the life of every Old Testament hero. They were all sinful. Moses killed a man. Jonah ran from God. Abraham lied. And I could go on. Yet God still used them to do great things as they surrendered to Him.

As you look at the patchwork quilt, think about your own life. 

Give all the scrap pieces to Jesus, and ask Him to make a treasure out of them. He can do it. He’s willing and able. 

I often use music as prayers.

Consider using Ellie Holcomb’s The Broken Beautiful for your prayer today. Here’s a link to the video.


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