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Life’s Trail

Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths.
Psalm 25:1

Once again last August, our family traveled to Estes Park, Colorado. We’ve done this now for over 40 years. Rocky Mountain National Park draws us there. We enjoy the beauty and the crisp mountain air. We also enjoy hiking the many trails.

Before each trip, my husband plans our hikes. He studies his hiking trail book from cover to cover. He can tell you where each hike begins, how long it is, and how difficult the trail is. We always know our path.

Life is like a trail. It has a starting point and a stopping point. The Holy Bible is the “trail book”—it teaches about life and how to handle it. God is the trail guide. Like a hiking trail, life has easy spots. Life has tough spots. Life has both mountains and valleys.

Our hikes in the mountains are satisfying and challenging. With God as our trail guide, life can be satisfying and pleasurable. But life has challenges. When God is our guide, we have Someone who helps us through these difficult times.

As we hike this trail of life, we need to remember that God has put us on this path. He has given us life on this earth. We are not here by chance or accident; God put us on this journey called life.

God wants to join us on this hike. He didn’t create us and forget about us. Our lives can be different if we trust God to be our life guide.

God wants us to take a path that leads to faith and trust in Him. It is a safe path. It will lead to eternal life with Him.

Think about your life. Are you hiking along with God? Or, are you on your own trail, getting lost from time to time, facing difficult spots that get you down?

God wants to be our guide and constant companion as we walk this trail of life.

Georgia Andrus

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