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Oh no! Not my Phone!

Pray continually.
1 Thessalonians 5:17

I headed outside to do some mowing. I grabbed my phone. I placed the phone in the cup holder. I cranked the mower and made a couple of rounds. I decided to check my phone, and when I looked down it was gone. My heart began to race. Oh no! Not my phone! 

What to do? I had only been mowing a short while, and I had been following the same path. Surely it had bounced off and was lying in the grass. So I carefully retraced the path. No phone. Maybe it had bounced and was hidden by the tall grass. I drove again looking carefully. Still no sign of my phone. I was getting very anxious. I prayed, “Lord, help me find my phone. It is so important to me. Replacing it will be difficult.” I continued to circle in vain, still praying and hoping.

Finally, in desperation I decided to look and see if it had fallen somewhere on the mower. And to my surprise it was wedged carefully under my seat. It had been there all the time I had been looking and praying. And yes, I said a loud prayer of praise.

Our phones are very important to us. We use them for talking, texting, email, directions, social media, and even our calendar. We call someone if our car breaks down, or we are running late. It is a great tool, and certainly makes our lives a lot easier. 

But as thankful as I am for my phone, I am more thankful I don’t need a phone to talk to God. I can talk to Him anywhere, anytime. I am never going to get a busy signal or a voicemail. But do I always take advantage of the opportunity I have to talk to God? I get busy. I think I can handle everything on my own. I don’t make my prayer time a priority. 

Our scripture encourages us to pray continually. What does that mean? It means to pray about everything. God loves us, and He wants to hear from us. We need to be in constant contact with God.

Father, when my phone rings let it be a reminder that it does not take any special equipment to talk to you. Thank you for always being available to talk to me.


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