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Friend for Life

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
Psalm 139:13

Please permit me to tell you about a friend of mine. My friend found herself in a predicament. She had discovered that she was pregnant at a most inopportune time.

Facing questions and uncertainty, my friend did not know what to do. She felt that she could neither emotionally nor financially afford a child at that time in her life, and that she had few options. But, after much consideration, my friend decided to continue the pregnancy and then to give the baby up for adoption.

Nearby lived a couple who, after ten years of marriage, could not conceive. They had tried everything offered by the medical profession at that time. Nothing had worked. Adoption seemed like the best option for them also. The adoption agency chose this couple to receive my friend’s baby.

Fortunately, my friend made adoption her choice. She made a difficult decision for which I will always be grateful. For, you see, had my friend chosen the other alternative, I would not be here to share her story with you today.

Thank you, Friend – for life!

God, thank you for parents who have made difficult choices which honor you.  Help us to have love and compassion for everyone, no matter their choice.

Susan Partida

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