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No Apologies: Day 2

…Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone 
who asks you the reason for the hope that you have ...
I Peter 3:15

The other day I called a friend from our old neighborhood for a “catch-up” phone call. In the course of our conversation she told me a story that had been recently shared at our former Bible study by one of the new members.

The individual telling the story was at a dinner party when a man at his table asked who believed if Adam and Eve were real people. Going around each person answered with some version of “no.” The last person polled was the narrator, and because he possesses a Ph.D. from a name-recognition seminary, all eyes were most likely on him and all ears tuned to his reply. His answer was along the lines of, “Well, it doesn’t really matter. Adam and Eve are myths, types, whatever you want them to."

We live today in a world of untethered truth where people are free to choose what to believe and what to reject without being burdened by any implications of where those beliefs are taking them. The test question that applies to most situations is: “Does it work for me today?”

And the problem is???

In this case, the problem of not believing that Adam and Eve were real people is that Jesus believed they were real. When we go up against Jesus Christ in the area of ultimate truth, it ought to cause us to worry.

But again (and we might as well face it), for many this is not a problem.

Witnessing opportunities are all in God’s timing. He opens them up and He shuts them down. Going beyond His intended purpose is futility at its finest. Referring to our verse and the dinner party scenario: They “asked.” Sort of. But nobody was ready to put down their forks to free their hands to receive “Four Spiritual Laws” pamphlets. As the passage reminds us, we should have a short, Christ-honoring, no-apologies answer for times like this. Be sensitive to the situation, trusting that God not only can, but will, use you in fifteen seconds.

Finally realize that witnessing is a solitary event, done in the power of God. Sometimes we may feel pretty outnumbered. It is not about winning an argument (and perhaps losing the war) or putting notches on our Bible belt. Our sole purpose ought to be to honor God and listen well, both to the Holy Spirit and the person with whom we are conversing.

Nancy Shirah

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