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Follow the Leader

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said.
 Mark 1:17

I pulled into the rest area and looked around. The people I observed were as varied as the vehicles. Where were they all going? The adventurist in me began to imagine several possible scenarios. For some reason we had all converged in that one location at precisely the same time. Momentarily, we each would continue on our individual routes. 

Years ago I had read an article by a woman who found herself careening down a path she hadn’t chosen. Her child had been diagnosed as special needs. She listened to stories of those traveling on the well-traveled thoroughfare of life with longing. She would never journey that way again. In time, she came to realize that her road was not better or worse. It was just different. God had many wonderful blessings for her along the way.

Shortly before Jesus ascended into heaven, he told Peter that he would be led down an avenue he didn’t want to travel. Like we often do, Peter glanced behind him as he asked Jesus, But Lord, what about this man (John 21:21)?

Jesus answered, “…What is that to you? You must follow Me” (John 21:22).

Peter would later write, Cast all your anxiety on [Jesus] because he cares for you (1 Peter 5:7). He had learned that Jesus is faithful in all things.

I have had my share of unexpected journeys in life. Through them all, Jesus has never left my side. Although I wouldn’t have opted for some of these roads, I have grown so much in ways I would never have otherwise. By leaning on Jesus to get me through, our relationship has become sweeter and sweeter.

What unexpected path have you found yourself on? Divorce? Financial hardship? Loss of someone special? Addiction? Unfulfilled dreams? Whatever the road, it may be tempting to long for a different route. Instead try to look for the jewels God has placed along the roadside as you follow Him.

Jesus, whatever path you have for us to travel, help us to look to you as you navigate us through.


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