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And they were all amazed at the greatness of God.
Luke 9:42

It was 6:04p.m. Chairs scraped the floor with urgency, closely followed by various pitches of “o-o-h” and “a-h-h”.

My husband and I were guests, dining at a fine restaurant in Maui, Hawaii earlier this winter. What is all the commotion about? Then, I understood. A group of diners gathered, like a flock of seagulls waiting eagerly for a treat, at beachfront side of the restaurant’s lanai—an open-air room. But instead of open mouths, each had a camera in hand, pointed to the horizon, and poised to capture a majestic sunset over the ocean.

My jaw dropped to witness such activity. But, even the wait-staff joined in the experience. I grew accustomed to these daily celebrations and enthusiastically joined the sun seekers. Events were scheduled to coincide with each evening’s amazing display. Tourists crowded together on patches of grass and the beach to have the best view possible. At the appointed time—click, click, click.

One day we awoke at 2:30a.m. to travel 30 miles up a steep and winding road to the top of a volcano in hopes of catching a magnificent sunrise. Wind, with relentless and frigid blasts, immobilized us. Several groups huddled together to wait. We went to extreme lengths to view creation’s perfection. At last the blazing sun emerged as an array of paint over the far edge of the volcano’s massive crater. Prismatic clouds hovered in the crater as if imprisoned. Breathtaking!

Does Jesus amaze us like this? Do we recognize His wonders in our daily lives? Do we plan our days and schedules to include bowing before Him in genuine delight and honor?

Does our “a-h-h” become “awe” at the sight of Him?

A part of our wonder toward God is recognizing and believing that we are wonderfully made by His heart and hand. There is nothing “ho-hum” about our Almighty God.

Father God, may we remain enchanted and amazed with You and Your grandeur. And may we worship You above all creation.  

Karen Sims

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