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My Hiding Place

You are my hiding place.
Psalms 32:7

Ah, Spring time! Birds building nests and butterflies dipping and dancing over the landscapes of garden flowers.

Oh, Spring time! Storm clouds building, thunder rolling with lightening and tornados dipping and dancing across the landscape.

Spring where I live is a glorious riot of flowering beauty, but, also, a time of severe stormy weather. A number of years ago a tornado at night lifted a huge 104 year-old pine tree and laid it over our house immediately duplexing it. My husband and I know it was the Mighty Protective Hand of God that saved our lives.

When a storm starts to brew, especially at night, my heart begins to race, my breathing quickens, and my hands start sweating. Where do I hide? Under the bed? No! In the closet?  No! I run straight to my Hiding Place----Jesus Christ. Jesus does not stop or calm the storm (but, He could). He calms me!!!!!

Our storms come in many shapes and sizes; health issues, deaths, finances, losses of all kinds, rebellious children, troubled marriages and friendships, violence, infertility, or substance abuse. Come, run to my Hiding Place---Jesus Christ. He offers peace and ever present help in times of trouble.

Lord, thank You for being my forever Hiding Place, my source of peace and calm in all storms. I love You.

Claudia Jackson

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