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Job, That Book

I have not departed from the commands of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread.
Job 23:12

That pesky little book of Job. I have tried my best to avoid it, but there it is. It just keeps popping up.

Right there, nestled in between Esther and Psalms we find it. What an amazing place to be! On one side we have, Esther, a wonderful obedient woman of God. On the other side we have a book of worship, singing, confession, and hope. We see the heart of King David.

And then we have Job. He too was a man of God. As I read through the book my heart breaks for Job. He lived such a blessed life and then Satan comes in to destroy, challenge God’s power, and to undermine Job’s faithfulness.

I would much rather read about Esther saving the Israelites with her courage and obedience or David killing the giant with a slingshot. Job’s story just seems so sad and discouraging.

And yet, Job’s faith in God rings out through the entire book. During the times of joy and the times of horror, Job remained faithful. His friends, though well meaning, tried to give him misguided condolences and counsel, but Job remained faithful.

His family murdered, his possessions gone, even his very own body riddled with disease. And yet he remained faithful.

As much as it grieves me to read most of the book, I read its entirety. Because, in the end, God still reigned; Job, still had faith; and Satan, was still defeated, as he always will be.

Job, a difficult book to get through, but so worth it.

Father, thank you so much for your Word and for the examples of faith like Job and Esther and David you allow us to get to know through it.

Susan P.

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