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The Lord Is Good

The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.
Nahum 1:7

This week, we’ve looked at the verses that In-N-Out Burger uses on five pieces of packaging. If you don’t have an In-N-Out Burger in your area, you might be interested to know that these verse references are very discreet – usually at the bottom or underside of the packaging.

There’s no mention of the Bible on the company’s website or any explanation of the verses. Yet it’s a great example of a company pointing people to the God’s Word one burger at a time.

Today’s verse comes from the wrapper of the Double-Double, which is a hamburger with two meat patties.

Honestly, I had forgotten that Nahum was a book in the Bible. It’s a mere three chapters, and I haven’t heard many sermons preached from Nahum.

Yet our verse today is timeless truth. The Lord is good. He offers protection, and He cares for those who trust Him.

Those were comforting words to the tribe of Judah. In context, the prophet, Nahum, tells the people of Judah that God will destroy Nineveh, the capital city of their greatest enemy.

Today, they are still comforting words to us. He will do the same for us today.

How do you need God to be your protection today? Or you may need to deliver this message to someone just like Nahum did. Ask God to show you who needs this encouraging word.


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