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A Glorifying Perspective

Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, Lord,
have never forsaken those who seek you.
Psalm 9:10

The widow was out of money and her creditor was threatening to enslave her sons. She turned to the prophet Elisha, who asked her what she had at home. She responded that she had nothing except a little oil. Nothing, except... I have used those words. Have you? In a difficult situation, I focused upon the little that I had and concluded it was insignificant in meeting the need.  God is not glorified with a ‘nothing, except’ perspective.

Elisha had a vastly different perspective. He focused not upon the little, but upon his Mighty God. He knew God could take that which is little and make it abundant. So, Elisha told the widow to collect many jars. She was to take the oil that she had and pour it into each jar until it was full. The oil continued to flow until all of the jars were full. The oil was sold, her debts were paid, and the widow and her sons lived on the money that was left (2 Kings 4).

God takes the ‘nothing, except’ and turns it into the abundant. What is the first step in seeing this mighty work of God? Giving what you have to Him. That isn’t easy. When you only have a little time, a little money, a little ability, etc., you naturally want to cling to it.  However, if the widow had held onto the little amount of oil, she would have missed experiencing God’s miraculous provision. Have you missed experiencing God’s provision because you are holding tightly to the little?

In your time of need, where is your focus—upon the nothing, except…or upon the Almighty God? Will you act in faith, believing God can multiply what little you have? Give your little to God, and He will turn it into the abundant!

Lord, help me trust that what You have given me is abundantly sufficient in Your hands.

Jan Burkhart

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