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Violets and Other Small Things

Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will lift you up and make your lives significant!
James 4:10 AMP

My Mother’s favorite flowers were violets and she grew them outside along our picket fence near the edge of the sidewalk. These small purple blooms sat low to the ground, vulnerable to careless feet that might trample them unnoticed. However small, humble things are often the most profound!

Mark Twain wrote an amazing truth using the tiny violet to show us something great.  He said:

                                            Forgiveness is the fragrance
                                            that the violet sheds on the
                                            heel that has crushed it.

small words . . .
Crushed by some hurt, as with the violet, there is a sweet fragrance when we forgive. Three small words – I forgive you – have revolutionized the world, and of course, God said them first to us!

a small voice . . .
It isn’t the roar of the waterfall, but the quiet of a still small voice that we listen for – the voice of the Holy Spirit Who comes to us, calms our anxious thoughts and restores us in a moment!

a small babe . . .
Jesus could have come as a king, but He came to where there was no room for Him. We are in awe of God’s great power and wisdom, yet the humbleness of the Babe born in a manger reaches the deepest place of our heart, knowing that we are the reason He came!

Father, thank you that it’s not my “importance” that makes You notice me – but a sense of humbleness - for You lift me up and I am worth much in Your Eyes!


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