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Holiday Reflection -- Thanksgiving Blessing

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people…
Galatians 6:10

I would have described this Thanksgiving holiday as a normal one until I observed something unexpected in a usually mundane place.

On Black Friday I only ventured out late in the afternoon to the grocery store with some family members. Shopping with the masses is just not my idea of a good time. While standing in the checkout line we were privileged to witness an act of kindness for an elderly Asian lady as we stood behind her.

The couple in line in front of her had come prepared to shop, they had coupons for everything including some sets of storage bowls with lids. The elderly lady asked some questions about the bowls. Even with her quiet broken English she managed to convey how much she would like to have some. As the couple paid for their purchases and started to leave, they turned around and gave one of the boxes of storage bowls to the lady. “Here, this is for you. It’s a gift,” they said.

The lady was so moved that she could barely speak. She did manage to utter thanks with tears in her eyes. When she left the line, our teenage cashier burst into the biggest smile you had ever seen. He was ecstatic. He told us that he wished he had a video of what we witnessed so he could show his mom that things like that really did happen in his line. His contagious enthusiasm warmed our hearts all the more as we thought about what we had seen.

I could not get over how one couple’s random act of kindness cast a spell of joy over all who had witnessed it. We left the grocery store chattering about what had happened and with grateful hearts toward total strangers.

I do not know if the people who gave so willingly knew Jesus, but I’d like to think that they did. What a wonderful lesson they provided for us. They obviously had planned ahead about what they were going to buy, and yet, they altered their plan and gave so willingly.

God, thank you so much for chance encounters which teach us so much about gratefulness and unconditional love.

Susan P.

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