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Vessels of Mercy

…that He might make known the riches of His glory upon vessels of mercy, which He prepared beforehand for glory.
Romans 9:23

When a clay pot is being formed moisture is essential for keeping it pliable. At the end of a molding session, the potter carefully covers the pot in progress with damp cloths and then seals in a plastic bag. The process is repeated until the desired jar is finished.

Physically, a person can survive no longer than three to five days without water. Skin cracks, arteries shrink and harden as dehydration occurs, then death. The presence of water in the body means the difference between life and death.

In much the same way, our hearts are softened and remain pliable in the Potter’s hands as we soak in His Living Waters. What are the Living Waters available to fill our innermost beings to overflowing? The Word of God. Jesus (John 4:10-15) is Living Water. He shall become in us a well of water springing up in us to eternal life, as we drink. Drink continuously, not just one time. The Lord is pleased to use us as He prepared us beforehand for His mercy to be known in us.

What is it to be a vessel of mercy? It’s being a devoted Christ follower who has been called out of spiritual deadness and made fit to know God’s glory. Undeserved. All by His doing.

Dear sister, who is dry and thirsty, will you come to the Well with me, and drink. Be restored, refreshed, revived, renewed, rested, and resilient. Keep coming. Be free of the dry wastelands of your hardened heart. Let Him in and let Him keep you pliable this side of heaven.

Let’s keep our hearts moistened by the Word of God and His life in us, through His Holy Spirit, so that we will thrive as vessels of His mercy.

Lord, You choose to have Your glory be known to us through us as earthen vessels as we allow You to shape us, never to be the same again.

Karen Sims

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