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The Trial to the Cross

They all asked, "Are you then the Son of God?" He replied, "You are right in saying I am."
Luke 22:70

After Jesus was arrested, he was taken to Caiaphas, the Jewish High Priest. All along, the religious leaders were frightened by Jesus, and worked to get him out of the way.

Jesus walked with his accusers through the valley, up a set of stairs that still exists today, toward Caiaphas’ house. When Jesus testified that he was Messiah, the evidence was formulated to punish him to death. On a cross.

Under this house was an old cistern where prisoners were held. Jesus could have been held for hours. Alone. Waiting for the sentence to be carried out. The pain had already begun.

The religious leaders needed the help of the Romans to carry out their plan. Pilate, the Roman governor, washed his hands of the situation by allowing the crowd to choose the prisoner to be set free. The crowd did not choose Jesus. They were ready to see Jesus crucified. The same crowd who waved palm leaves, shouting, “Hosanna,” were the ones desiring his death.

Jesus, convicted unto death, then was beaten within an inch of his life. He was mocked; a crown of thorns was placed on his head. He carried his cross to the place of the skull. He was nailed to that cross. He felt the weight of every sin, past, present, and future. He suffered more mocking. He knew what it was to be separated from the Father because of sin. Again, alone.

When he had received the drink, Jesus said, "It is finished." With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit (John 19:30). When Jesus died, the curtain which separated the place in the Temple where God dwelt was torn in two, symbolizing that the way to the Father was made available to all who put their faith in Christ Jesus. There is now no separation. We are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

God knew the plan of salvation. He knew how redemption would be made possible, through the death of his son. Jesus willingly chose to allow himself to be the Passover Lamb so that he could be our Savior.

Thank you, Jesus.

Julie Smith

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