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When Tempted

Because He Himself suffered when He was tempted, He is able to help those who are being tempted.
Hebrews 2:18

Rain and darkness obscured my vision as I drove cautiously on the highway towards the restaurant where my husband and I planned to meet that evening.

Suddenly, a loud thump in the rear of the vehicle jolted me. I continued on. Not too many more miles and I’d be at my destination.

I parked in front of the restaurant door. I stepped out into the drizzle and was assaulted—by a wall of gasoline vapors. Spontaneously, I bent down to look under the car, and sure enough, gas poured out of a gaping hole from the mostly full gas tank, flowing unhindered across the parking lot. My husband sauntered over, still unaware, until his gaze locked on mine in disbelief. We stood frozen by shock. Then we leapt into action: called the fire department, informed the restaurant management, and redirected people and vehicles away from the river of gas.

Twenty minutes later, the gas tank had completely drained; firemen had the parking lot closed off and hosed down. We thanked God that no one was harmed.

The next morning I contemplated what I would tell our auto insurance company. I was tempted to alter the details to get the best insurance benefits.

I wrestled with conflicting thoughts. Should I enhance the story or should I tell the simple truth? Jesus, You understand. Help me. God’s love constrained me. I told the truth. After I explained the incident the agent was undecided on how to proceed. He conferred with his manager for a final decision. I waited a few days. It didn’t matter. I was at peace with God. Yes! This time I had represented Jesus well.

The decision arrived. It was favorable for the lesser deductible.  Gratitude welled up in my spirit. Yes! Win, win. My faith was strengthened and God had honored my decision to not give into temptation.

Father, keep my spirit sensitive to Yours and remind me that Jesus helps me when I’m tempted.

Karen Sims

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