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God Lessons in the Waves … He treads on the waves

“He alone…treads on the waves of the sea. 10.He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.”
Job 9:8,10

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I am no surfer. With a lot of effort I did manage to get up on waterskis once; but without access to a tow boat, that was the end of that. Hence I admire the kids upright on their boogie boards in the shallows. And of course, the serious surfers on those west coast waves. What a heyday they were having in the breakers. Patient, patient, waiting interminably, finding their niche, riding the crest, angling back in, ultimately to be tossed into the water like rag dolls.

To my way of thinking, surfing is not a sport for sissies. Making a fashion statement in those clinging wet suits is not going to get you through the waves. You need the arm power to paddle, the leg strength to stand upright and maneuver on a board, and the lung capacity to survive the spills.
Not so, God. He “strides” (MSG) without effort on the waves. Adam Clarke's online Commentary tells us: “This is a very majestic image. God not only walks upon the waters, but when the sea runs mountains high, he steps from billow to billow in his almighty and essential majesty.

Neither did Jesus have any difficulty walking on the waves of the Sea of Galilee as it buffeted the disciples boat. With a lot of bravado, Peter asked to do the same. And did, as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus (Matthew 14:24-31).

Majesty! Power over the force of gravity! A ghostly apparition that scared these brave fishermen. A miracle of trust on Peter’s behalf. But make no mistake, Peter did not have the power over gravity. Jesus’ performed a great wonder. The surfers may think they have power over the waves as they ride the crest, but soon they too sink into the sea.

Oh God, the power is Yours, the majesty over even the waves Yours alone. Your wonders are beyond my imagination.

Nancy P

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