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Mascot Misgivings

The Lord is my light and salvation - whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?
Psalm 27:1

“Meet the Teacher”
day is a medley of chaos, excitement and sadness for all families. This one was no different. There were rogue children running the hallways, fresh haircuts and back to school butterflies.
A photo op with the school mascot seemed like a no-brainer. Until I realized that my girls were still unnerved by him. “Jump in,” I cajoled. Again and again they declined until the school principal suggested I get in the picture with them. She grabbed the phone and snapped quickly. She and I shared a chuckle and off to their classrooms dashed my fourth and seventh grader.
Later I started wondering why the mascot has tormented them for all these years? I’ve explained repeatedly that inside the costume is a senior girl – one that might even be someone we know. They understand this fact, but the fear grips them every time.
Isn’t that the way I am? I know lots of Bible facts. I’ve read that God is always with me. I know He can be trusted, but I’m still quick to worry. My head knows about His unfailing love, but my heart wavers.
What can I do in those apprehensive moments? Ask God to open my eyes to His Truth. When I looked back at the mascot picture, I realized my girls were as far from that cougar as they could possibly stand, with me pushed up against him.
And that’s what I need to see as well. Jesus is present beside me every second, between me and whatever that fear is, whether big or small. When I remember that, the source of my fear is put in its proper perspective.
Jesus, thank You that You promise to never leave me no matter what I face. When I am tempted to let anxious thoughts take hold, help me recognize that You are standing between me and whatever is causing fear.


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