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He has also set eternity in the hearts of man.
Ecclesiastes 3:11

She spent her life searching for satisfaction. She married, thinking a relationship with a man was the answer. But her first marriage failed, as did her second. The cycle continued until she had experienced five failed marriages. She was presently living with yet another man, but still she felt empty.

He was successful according to the world’s standards. He had acquired much wealth. He had a noble position and was respected by society. He was pleased with his religious accomplishments and considered himself a very righteous man. Others looked at him with envy, believing he had everything man could desire. Yet, deep within, there was a void in his life that the things of the world could not fill.

Another man spent his life studying. He knew the laws of God and the religious laws of man. Both in his eyes were equally important, and he strived daily to uphold them. He was a respected religious leader whom others looked to for counsel and truth. And yet, for the first time he began to question if he had all the right answers. As he observed the new Teacher, questions began to form. Who is this man? Have I somehow missed the mark? What is this new longing within me that somehow isn’t satisfied by all my knowledge?

Can you relate to these people? Have you been looking for satisfaction through relationships, wealth, accomplishments, or even religious practices and found that at best these things have brought temporary satisfaction? As the new wears off, the void in your life resurfaces.

God has created within man a longing to know and exalt his Creator. Apart from a relationship with God through Jesus, man cannot find true, lasting satisfaction. Emptiness remains.

What happened to the three people described above? Two encountered Jesus and found satisfaction through belief and following Him. One chose worldly possessions over commitment to Jesus and walked away empty.

Lord, help those who are empty within to find eternal satisfaction through belief and commitment to You.

Jan Burkhart

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