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Do You Know the Truth?

I want you to command certain people not to teach things that aren’t true.
I Timothy 1:3b

Have you noticed people in today’s culture who want to be known as religious teachers, but they don’t teach the truth?

I’ve seen this become more prevalent in recent years. Now anyone can set up a blog and have a voice. They just talk about what’s right in their own eyes.

So how can be sure we’re not following a false teacher? Here are some questions to ask.

Does this teacher put the Bible above all other sources?
Many false teachers use another source besides the Bible to explain their views. That’s a huge red flag! The Bible should be your absolute authority.

Does this teacher practice or promote immoral living without repentance?
Jude 4 talks of false teachers using grace as an excuse to live immoral lives. 2 Timothy 2:19 says everyone who believes in the Lord must stop doing wrong. The false teacher may say, “Well, is it really wrong?” Hmm. I think Eve may have heard something like that in the garden.
Does this teacher promote grace as an excuse to sin?
2 Timothy 4 talks about teachers who tell people whatever their itching ears want to hear.

Is the teacher motivated by greed?
2 Peter 2:3 talks of false teachers being condemned by greed. I Timothy 6:5 says our minds are corrupt if we think godliness is a means to financial gain.

Does the teacher cause division?
Jude 18-20 tells us that those who follow ungodly lusts (or natural desires) will cause divisions. Yet many will blame those who stand on divine truth. Don’t fall for this lie.

Lord, help me see the difference between the truth and the lies.


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