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What’s Your Name?

...[If] they ask me, “What is His name?” What should I tell them?
Exodus 3:13 HCSB

What is your name? This is one of the first questions we typically ask people upon meeting them. Names are the primary means of identifying each other. Moses was no different in the wilderness when he asked God, “What is your name?”

Names are important to God. He named Adam (red or man) after creating him. Then Adam gave names to all the animals God created. He also named the first lady Woman (from man) and later Eve (mother of the living).

God told some people in the Bible what to name their children. An angel informed Zechariah that his son was to be named John (God is gracious). The angel Gabriel told Mary to name her son Jesus (God saves).

God also changed people’s names at times in the Bible. Jacob which means supplanter became Israel (God contended). Abram (exalted father) was changed to Abraham (father of many). Sarai (princess) was changed to Sarah (princess of many).

God’s answer to Moses’ question was, “I am who I am” meaning he is self-existent. He shares other names in Scripture to reveal to us who he is.

He is our healer (Jehovah Rapha).
He is our provider (Jehovah Jireh).
He is the one who sees us (El Roi).
He is our Lord and master (Adonai).
He is the God above all gods (El Elyon).
He is our sustainer and all we need (El Shaddai).
He is our peace (Jehovah Shalom).

God earnestly wants us to know him. The good news is that Jesus died to forgive our sins so we can. All we have to do accept his gift of life. Everyone who calls on his name will be saved (Romans 10:13) and our names will be written in heaven (Luke 10:20). One day Jesus will announce our names before his Father and the angels (Revelation 3:5) and he will give us a brand new name (Revelation 2:17).

Father, thank you for sharing your story through names.


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