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Good Times and Bad

 A friend loves at all times
Proverbs 17:7

Sometimes God brings special people into our lives. For me, Brenda was one of those people.

I met Brenda at church. We were young, stay-at-home wives and mothers with much in common. We both taught Sunday school and sang in the choir.

Both of us also struggled to balance caring for our families with participating in ministries and finding time for ourselves. We swapped recipes, alerted each other to good sales, and exchanged babysitting.

Although we had a lot in common, that wasn’t what made Brenda so special. She was special because she loved me in good times and in bad, a Proverbs 17:17 friend.

I remember the day when my life hit a rough spot. I turned up on Brenda’s doorstep, uninvited and unannounced. She dropped what she was doing and welcomed me inside. 

After she’d listened to what was bothering me, we knelt and prayed. She didn’t presume to tell me what to do. She wanted me to let God be my guide.

During that difficult time, I went to Brenda’s whenever I needed encouragement. We were on our knees a lot. Eventually, my life smoothed out.     

That was years ago and miles away. Nevertheless, I often remember the wonderful gift of Brenda’s friendship. I thank God whenever I think of her.

 I hope I too can be a friend who loves at all times.

 Father, help us demonstrate Proverbs 17:17.


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