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From Confinement to Freedom

He reached down from on high and took hold of me…
He brought me out into a spacious place.
Psalm 18:16, 19

Do you know people who reject Christianity because they consider it confining? To them, Christianity is a list of dos and don’ts. We Christians know a relationship with Jesus isn’t confining. Belief in Jesus sets you free.

In Psalm 18 David described being in deep waters. He was surrounded by his enemy; death and destruction threatened. His difficulty became so great he felt like he was drowning. Have you ever been there?

David was in a helpless state with no way of escape. He cried out to God, his deliverer. God reached down from heaven, took hold of him, and drew him out of the deep waters. God in love and mercy saved him. David declared, …he rescued me because he delighted in me (Psalm 18:19).

God then brought David out into a spacious place. Gone were the chains of death and destruction. Darkness was dispelled, and David was strengthened to withstand the attack of his enemies. God equipped David to rule as king over Israel.

Believer, the Lord has done all of this for you. You were drowning in a sea of unrighteousness with no way of escape. Yet, God in love and mercy moved heaven and earth to rescue you because He delighted in you. Gone are the chains of death and destruction. You have been brought from darkness into light. The Lord has set you free and brought you to a spacious place where you find strength to stand firm against your enemies and walk daily in righteousness. He has equipped you to become that which He has created and called you to be.

So believer, leave behind those chains of sinful habits. Move from the dark thinking of the world into the light of God’s truth. Be set free from the “to do list” and delight in your journey with God, who leads you to spacious places. Find strength in Him to become all He intends you to be.

Jan Burkhart

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