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Day 5: Shoes Just Her Size

Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.
Matthew 6:8

Eme had outgrown her dance shoes. But it was just two weeks before her recital and the end of the season.

And really, Eme only needed one shoe. She has one foot larger than the other. They buy shoes to fit the larger foot. Unfortunately, the larger foot was growing quickly.

Eme’s mom, Liz, tried to make do with the pair she had. But Eme cried that her foot hurt so much.

Liz tried to find a hand-me-down pair of bigger dance shoes. But nothing.

The family budgeted carefully. They didn’t have extra money for dance shoes right now.

But Eme’s crying continued through the week. Liz couldn’t bear to watch her suffer anymore. So, she went to the shop that sold dance shoes to see what her options were.

While Eme tried on different pairs, Liz told the clerk her story about having different sized feet.

Then the clerk remembered a pair of mismatched shoes they had received from the manufacturer. The shoes were two different sizes. When the clerk checked the sizes, one just happened to be Eme’s size. Both the clerk and Liz burst in to tears.

They both knew this was no mistake or accident. God had orchestrated that pair of mismatched shoes to be there when Eme needed them.

What is your need?

Stories like this remind us that God cares about the details.

After all, He knows the number of hairs on our heads.

What details worry you? Talk to God about them. He already has a plan to meet your needs.

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