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Taste the Rainbow

For whatever is in your heart determines what you say.
Matthew 12:34

Doesn't my lunch look yummy? All week, I've been very conscious of every morsel that I've put into my mouth. Something about this time of year, when all the new buds are blooming, makes me want to treat my body with the utmost care.

 For most, me included, my diet determines much. It seems to affect my mood, my energy, my outlook, and, of course, my waistline. So, I'm adopting Skittles' famous motto, and I'm "tasting the rainbow", but not the candy variety. Instead, I'm chowing down on colorful fruits and vegetables. It's amazing how they make me feel like I could easily conquer a giant. 

As I was devouring my kaleidoscopic meal, I realized that the old church-y phrase, "garbage in, garbage out", really does hold true. Those sweet little Sunday School teachers actually did know something! 

When I put pepperoni pizza and cookies 'n cream ice cream in my body, I'm pretty much worthless. I feel sluggish and weak and desire nothing more than to plop down on the couch and tune in to a streaming episode of Downton Abbey. But, when I'm careful to eat healthy foods, I move about like the Energizer Bunny. 

Folks, the Word of God works in the same way. When I'm intentionally spending time feasting on scripture, I am far more apt to erupt with Godly speech. However, when I'm filling my mind with trash, then I'm sure to communicate the filth within. 

Lord Jesus, please give me the discipline to fill both my body and my mind with pure, nourishing things. 

Lindsey Pond

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