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Changing Residence

We are carefully joined in Him, becoming a holy temple for the Lord.
Ephesians 2:21

When moving we change our residence. That means having a new house or apartment. In some ways it can be better or worse. In my situation it is not quite as nice as the house I left. It is much smaller, and the construction is not as good as the new house we lived in for seven years. Hopefully, in a year or two, we will have another house built or buy something fairly newer than our last house. 

This makes me think of the house that Jesus is building in me. He no longer needs a physical building. Instead, He resides inside of me. That can be exciting or somewhat scary at times, depending on how well I take care of my temple and what my life represents.

When I first moved there was a lot of cleaning to be done in the house I was leaving. I wanted the house I sold to look as good as possible for the people moving in. As I cleared things out, cleaned closets, and shampooed carpets it began to look really good. That gave me a sense of satisfaction. 

This is how it is when God leans my house. There are times He has to rid my life of things that are not pleasing to Him. He makes me aware of things I have said or done that need to be confessed. he shows me areas of my life that still are not Christlike. It is in these times I feel the closest to my Savior and realize just how much I need Him every day, every hour. It brings me to a place of humility. I realize the closer my walk is with Him and as I stay connected to Him my life becomes much cleaner.

I am so thankful that once Jesus came to take up residence in me He will never leave me. His residence will not change, but He continues to change me. I can look forward to leaving my house once and for all when I get to Heaven. That home will be an eternal home and my life will then be complete. No more moves. What a joy that will be, and something that gives me hope for the future. 

Jesus, continue to work in my life so you are pleased with the house you are building.


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