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Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.
Philippians 4:11

What does it take to be content? Wow! That is a hard question. Most all of us want a lot to be content. The word content means "feeling or showing satisfaction wit one's possessions, status, or situation; pleased." It is not just about having or buying stuff. Discontentment can come from not living around family, the job you have or don't have, the place you live, or maybe even your spouse. There are so many ways we can become discontented.

When we are not content, we are constantly looking for something else to satisfy us. We do not settle into lifew you might say. Being settled brings a sense of peace and satisfaction and a place of rest. When my husband and I moved back to Tyler seven years ago, the Lord took me to Jeremiah 29:5. It tells us there as He told the Israelites to build houses and plan to stay or settle.

This was new to my husband and me because most of our married lives we moved around. So now I believe God was speaking to us to stay put and be content. Since then there have been many things that have happened in our lives that we had to find contentment even in difficult circumstances.

Now that we have moved to this temporary place, I want to be content for as long as God has me here. He has put us here for His purpose. Instead of focusing on the time to leave here, I want to try each day to see the opportunities He will bring. I will try to make this apartment a home not just a house and find joy in Him.

There is a fine line between contentment and being too comfortable. God will continue to challenge our comfort zone and circumstances will change. In the midst of good and bad times be content and He will be pleased. Life will be blessed with his goodness. Remember we are being prepared for eternity so whether in want or plenty, in good times, and bad times learn to praise the Lord.

Please keep me content in whatever you choose for my life so I may praise you, Jesus.


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