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NIV is used unless otherwise noted.

Dressing Up

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. Isaiah 55:8

School was out for the summer. My cousin Peggy and I were two bored nine year olds visiting Grandmother’s house. When my aunt returned from shopping with two new nighties for Peggy, we entertained ourselves by modeling them for each other.

As we twirled in front of the mirror, the sheer fabric float around us. The nightgowns were lovely. Perhaps we could share our splendor.

Dressed in the nighties, we dragged two chairs into the front yard and sat down near the street. We hoped someone would soon come along to admire us. However, we were to be disappointed.

 The first person to come along was my mother, and when she saw us, her face turned red. In a stern voice she told us to hurry inside, change into our clothes, and hope Grandmother’s neighbors hadn’t seen us.

 At the time Mother’s reaction puzzled me. Now I realize how inappropriate my dress and behavior were. Back then, I didn’t see things my mother’s way nor could I grasp her thinking. I was a child and clueless.

When it comes to understanding God’s ways and His thoughts, often I’m still clueless. Although He reveals a lot to us through the Bible, He’s chosen for some things to remain mysteries.

And that’s okay with me.

He is God.

I am His creation.

I don’t need any explanations other than those He wants to give.

Father, I don’t need to understand everything; I just need You.


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