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Lessons from a Snoodle

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. 
1 Peter 4:10

Have you ever heard of a snoodle? A snoodle is a character from Veggie Tales, the cartoons about some very interesting vegetables. Veggie Tales are not only funny and amusing, but the characters also teach Bible stories and Biblical truths. My all-time favorite episode is “A Snoodle’s Tale.”

This tale starts out with a young snoodle, who asks, “What do I look like? What am I for?” He tried to use the gifts he had been given, including wings. You see, all snoodles had wings, but none of them flew. The other snoodles made fun of him and told him that he could not do anything right. The little snoodle left town and took a journey to find somewhere he would be useful and happy.

Through his journey he found a bigger and wiser fellow, who looked a little like a snoodle. The wise one told him that he was the creator of the land and everything in it. He told the boy that he was supposed to use the gifts he had been given for Him, the creator. He told the boy that what the other snoodles said about him was far from the truth. He reminded the boy snoodle that he was strong, courageous, and skillful in the wise one’s eyes.

The little snoodle was afraid to believe what the wise one had told him because he had believed what the others said. How the wise one saw the small snoodle was what really mattered. When the little snoodle trusted in this, he became all that he was created to be!    

The wise one gave the boy snoodle a picture of what he truly looked like and said, “Here’s how I see you. Keep this in your pack and you’ll find that it will free you from all of the pictures and all of the lies that others made up just to cut down your size. And lastly, your wings, you know what they’re for, but not just to fly, I want you to soar!”

Let’s remember the truth about who we are and whose we are. Let’s use the gifts we have been given to glorify God. When we do this, the freedom in Christ will allow us to soar!


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